Assessing Progress


Assessing pupil attainment and monitoring progress without levels

The National Curriculum 2014 sets out programmes of study for key subjects and says what children need to learn and when they should learn it from Years 1 to Year 6.

The use of levels for pupils in all year groups became extinct in July 2015. As a result, we have changed the way in which we assess pupil attainment and monitor the progress being made toward end of key stage outcomes.
The emphasis on the new curriculum is that all pupils should secure their knowledge and understanding of the year group they are in. This means that pupils are expected to use and apply their knowledge and skills in a range of independent learning opportunities. There is also a drive to ensure that there is greater depth of learning.

This academic year we have launched Classroom Monitor as our assessment system, which works alongside Rising Stars Progression Frameworks. These are a series of statements that cover the expectations of National Curriculum. It is based on attainment and progress being measured in stages. These statements support planning and ensure that the teaching and learning is pitched at the right level for the pupils. Please see the attached files, which give the age related stages for English and Maths.

The progress toward your child meeting age related expectations is measured from a baseline. For pupils in Year 1 and Year 2, this is against their end of Reception outcomes. Pupils are judged against the Early Learning Goals which are the expected outcomes by the time pupils leave Reception. Pupils are graded as emerging, expected or exceeding the Early Learning Goals.

For pupils in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6, the baseline is their end of Year 2 outcomes; which are based on their end of key stage tests. Again pupils will be measured on a termly basis of how much progress has been made to meet their end of year and end of key stage target.

Targets are set for each child based on where they are in their learning and what more they need to do to meet age related expectations and make at least expected progress. We will share this information with you during PLCs in March. This information enables you to have an understanding of where your child is in relation to national expectations and what they need to do next, to achieve the best possible outcomes for them. There will be clear next steps that you can support your child with at home.

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