Behaviour for Learning

Blackthorn Primary School is committed to improving and maintaining the behaviour and safety of all groups in the school community.  

We help all staff and pupils to make a significant and positive contribution to Academy life and to be a positive role model to others at all times. Behaviour, self-discipline and respect within our community are founded on our high expectations of all pupils and reflect our values and code of conduct. We help pupils to respect and value differences, including; ethnicity, culture and religious beliefs.

Through our Behaviour Policy we aim to:

  • Safeguard and protect all members of our community
  • Promote a positive ethos through expectations, values and code of conduct
  • Encourage mutual respect and positive relationships between pupils, parents/carers and staff
  • Ensure staff consistently apply the behaviour policy, especially the rewards and consequences, to encourage good behaviour and attitudes to learning
  • Prevent all types of bullying
  • Promptly tackle and address concerns regarding behaviour


Our Non-Negotiables are clearly displayed in every classroom and around the Academy. At the beginning of each term, teachers discuss the Non-negotiables and reinforce expectations so that everyone understands them. Each class also displays the rewards and consequences as outlined in this Behaviour Policy.

Pupils are expected to follow the Academy’s Non-Negotiables at all times:

We keep ourselves safe
We walk in the Academy
We listen to adults and follow instructions
We try our best and work hard
We use kind words, hands and feet
We ask to leave the classroom
We look after property and tidy up after ourselves


Classroom management and teaching approaches have a significant influence on pupil behaviour. Class Teachers and support staff adopt a calm, sensitive and fair approach to behaviour management in the classroom.  Classroom approaches to ensure that behaviour is managed consistently includes:

  • all adults knowing individual pupil needs and applying Individual Behaviour Plans
  • expectations, rewards & consequences are clearly displayed
  • rewards are frequently and consistently issued for behaviour and effort
  • consequences are issued fairly, consistently and timely
  • adults to remain calm and supportive
  • using a range of strategies and approaches to re-engage pupils

Relationships between teacher and pupils, strategies for encouraging good behaviour, arrangements of furniture, access to resources and classroom displays all have a bearing on the way pupils behave.

Classrooms should be organised to develop independence and interdependence. Furniture will be arranged to provide an environment conducive to on-task behaviour. Materials and resources will be arranged to aid accessibility and reduce uncertainty and disruption. Displays will help develop self-esteem through demonstrating the value of every individual's contribution, and overall the classroom will provide a welcoming environment.

Teaching methods will encourage enthusiasm and active participation for all. Lessons will aim to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding which will enable the pupils to work and play in co-operation with others. Praise will be used to encourage good behaviour as well as to congratulate work that is of a high standard. Constructive criticism will be a private matter between teacher and child to avoid resentment.

All policies related to behaviour can be viewed in the side tool bar.

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